Valuation of IT equipment

We audit your obsolete IT assets and mobile phones with a view to generating financial income.

Resale of IT equipment

We offer a wide range of fully refurbished IT equipment and mobile phones.

WEEE recycling solution

If you have out-of-service IT equipment, we will recycle it in accordance with environmental regulations.

nodixia reconditionnement réemploi



living IT !

Environmental issues are central to our business philosophy: to give your company’s IT assets or used mobile phones a second life by reusing or recycling them.
Discover Nodixia, a leading player in mobile phone and IT equipment recycling and reuse.


Contribute to the sustainable and solidarity economy and optimize your IT assets

In keeping with our commitment to support charitable or environmental initiatives, we created the Solidar’IT programme, with the aim of enhancing your CSR activities while increasing the value of your IT assets.



Nodixia and Solidar’IT


We have worked together

For us, Nodixia:
responds quickly regarding valuations, as well as for urgent removal requests;
gives clear information about the Audit process (photos provided if any issues arise);
is customer-oriented (discount offered if the Audit is lower than the valuation estimate).

Véronique H. mutual insurance group

Nodixia has provided our company with used asset recovery services for the past 10 years. They always work meticulously and efficiently.

Martin C.    internet distributor

Since 2014, when we changed service provider and signed up with Nodixia, average income from our reformed IT assets has doubled! We recommend their professionalism and responsiveness.

John M.   international industrial group

From the outset, Nodixia has been our partner of choice. We have watched them progress, both in terms of size and responsiveness. Their services often enable us to win contracts.

Pascal S. IT systems integrator

We signed up with Nodixia in 2012, for their Solidar’IT service. This programme was a real opportunity for us to develop our CSR strategy, and Nodixia soon became an essential partner for our company. Since then, we have utilized their entire range of services including, more recently, their “green sourcing” service which enables us to provide our clients with “green” maintenance solutions for all their projects.

Géraldine P.  IT consultant

Thanks to Nodixia, we are now making positive progress regarding the recovery of our obsolete devices. Their Nodixia Supplier software provides real-time access to audit data and has restored our confidence in this line of business. I truly recommend their services.

Samuel P.  digital services group