Over 200,000 IT assets audited in 2017

Is your company planning to renew its IT or telephone equipment? Nodixia provides you with an opportunity to generate financial returns from your obsolete devices.

We assess the value of your IT assets with made-to-measure solutions for your computer and telephone equipment.
We repurchase and reuse computer workstations, mobile PCs, flat screens, printers, servers, peripheral devices, network switches and devices, telecommunications equipment, etc.

We will make the best possible offer for these products, depending on their current condition. To obtain a repurchasing offer, please contact us with the following information:

  • A list with as much detail as possible about the equipment to be collected, including brands, models, quantities, configurations and current status (in working order or not)
  • the packing status of the equipment (packed and ready for collection or requiring preparation)
  • the location(s) from which the equipment is to be collected and any constraints regarding access.

Once we receive this information, we will take all the necessary steps: quote, logistics, follow-up, audit, complete report.



Over 85% of devices reused

When a device arrives at our warehouse, it is registered and assigned a unique number, to allow us to keep track of its progress throughout its second life. The audit procedure enables us to precisely assess its current condition and working order. If it is reusable, our teams will refurbish it by carrying out any necessary repairs, fully anonymizing all devices and erasing all data. They will then install an operating system on computers, together with a wide range of software (Open Office, WinRar, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, VLC, Firefox and Microsoft Essential Security), and upgrade mobile phones with the latest compatible OS. Every device leaving our workshop to be resold is ready-to-use.

We resell this equipment via several online stores under our specialist brand names PlusdePC and DestokPC. The first one is open to the general public, companies and public authorities, and the second one serves professional resellers. Our team of technical sales representatives is at your service from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm..



Over 100,000 tons of CO² and water saved in 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept where companies incorporate social, environmental, et economic considerations into their activities and their interactions with other stakeholders on a voluntary basis. As an Entreprise Adaptée (Disability-Friendly Company) working to protect the environment and promote sustainable development, Nodixia has extensive expertise in the CSR field.



Over 12,000 refurbished products specifically sourced for our partners

To play our part in ecological responsibility and the circular economy, we provide you with the possibility of acquiring refurbished equipment to renew, maintain or develop your IT assets or mobile phone fleet.

We offer a wide range of options to our partners, for example:

  • Delivery of several hundred mobile phones or PCs with a one-year guarantee, to serve your company’s expansion or equipment renewal needs in an ethical, economical and supportive manner.
  • Supply of completely refurbished server/network solutions or spare parts to upgrade, maintain or renew your IT infrastructure.
  • Maintenance of your peripheral device fleet by sourcing and stocking recurrent spare part references.

Since Nodixia is a Disability-Friendly Company (Entreprise Adaptée), these services enable your company to reduce its AGEFIPH – FIPHFP contribution. When we issue an invoice for equipment or services, part of the total amount is deductible from this contribution.




NODIXIA recycles 95% of all WEEE fractions

Nodixia is a committed expert in reusing IT equipment; however some products are unrepairable or too obsolete. We assess every product precisely, then any products which are designated WEEE are sent to our internal waste processing unit.

During the waste processing procedure, WEEE fractions are weighed, sorted, refined and recycled so that our partners can then reinject the various extracted materials back into the French and European industrial sector.

At the end of this process, legal waste tracking documents are issued, which enable our partners to fully comply with WEEE regulations.


By using our equipment audit services, you can benefit from a reduction in your AGEFIPH – FIPHFP contribution.


SmartBACK téléphony

We have developed SmartBACK as a made-to-measure solution to prevent mobile phone assets from becoming dispersed throughout your company.

SmartBACK is:

– a simple, low-cost service,

– which provides you with a detailed statement on the status of your company’s mobile phone fleet (once removed from your fixed assets),

– and avoids complicated management issues arising from fringe benefit calculations for your employees.

Hello Nodixia, we have a mobile phone fleet…

SmartBACK at your service

List of employees in possession of company mobile phones

Nodixia draws up a report

Verification of the list of employees who have returned their phone

You know who has returned their equipment.


IT recovery process

  • null

     Project analysis

    Schedule of operations

    Technical, sales and logistics interface between the distributor and the client

    Approval of the most suitable logistics solutions

  • null

    Collection of equipment and receipt by our warehouse

    Complete audit: anonymization, data erasure, repairs, waste management

  • null

    Submission of audit report, BSD (waste tracking document), certificates and reports

    Invoicing and payment



“Contribute to the sustainable and solidarity economy and optimize your IT assets”

Since Nodixia was founded 15 years ago, we have seen CSR policies emerge within French companies. This important tendency comes in response to global challenges. Socially conscious companies need to increase their efforts, including IT asset management.

Despite substantial efforts in IT asset procurement and lifecycle management, end-of-life assets are rarely managed optimally. Despite the IT industry’s determination to take action, we have observed that several inconsistencies and blockages still remain.

SOLIDAR’IT aims to supplement company CSR policies by recovering and managing used IT assets using innovative, all-inclusive solutions. We generate high-value “CSR” activities which do not have any impact on the net income of companies participating in the programme.