“Doing what we say and saying what we do”

Nodixia’s core business philosophy stems from over 15 years of experience. Our organization comprises various specialties in auditing, reusing and recycling your company’s IT and telephone equipment.

We ensure that your waste electrical and electronic equipment is effectively managed and optimized. We evaluate your company’s IT assets and telephone equipment to determine their financial value.

Our objective: to refurbish equipment and extend its life.

We provide you with reliable, confidential, convenient and profitable solutions: complete data erasure, all-inclusive, meticulous logistics, and optimization of product valuations using our technical and sales expertise.



Working with you

We take social, economic, and ecological issues very seriously, and uphold our partners’ trust with the following guarantees:

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    a comprehensive range of services to manage the second life of IT equipment and mobile phones;

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    recycling services compliant with the 2002/96/CE Directive on WEEE;

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    our assistance to transform your company’s statutory obligations into business opportunities;

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    CSR report optimization for our clients, by turning our recycling and reuse activities into positive actions for the environment.

We provide you with clear, real-time tools to precisely monitor your IT audit. A dedicated sales representative will respond to your requests throughout our working relationship and will systematically offer you customized solutions that are appropriate to your needs, to make project management as convenient as possible for you.

We are committed to ensuring maximum confidentiality when handling your equipment: our reuse and recycling procedures automatically include equipment and data anonymization and we will provide you with a data erasure certificate for every audit carried out.

Standing by our employees

Nodixia is a “Disability-Friendly Company” (Entreprise Adaptée), which means that we are fully committed to a hands-on employment policy where disabled people comprise at least 80% of our production workforce. Their working conditions, environment and the tools that they use have been designed and adapted according to their needs and disabilities.

We provide our employees with continuous training and support and assist them with their career plans and aspirations for the future.

Protecting the environment

In keeping with environmental standards, NODIXIA is committed to sustainable development and to the “Green IT” concept (eco-friendly IT systems).

Reuse and recycling are fully aligned with the European Directive on WEEE, which calls for reuse to be given priority over recycling. All reusable, operational products are refurbished by our workshops and in this way we give them a second life. All the equipment we handle is refurbished and shipped from France.

Our solutions aim to be ecologically, economically and socially relevant, and also to demonstrate solidarity.


B to B

DestokPC & Mobiles

Are you a professional IT equipment reseller? Our DestokPC online store is designed for you. You will find a wide selection of reliable, ready-to-use equipment at low prices.

Our DestokPC Mobiles brand offers a wide range of refurbished mobile phones.

B to C

PlusdePC & Mobiles

The PlusdePC on-line store is open to the general public, companies and public authorities, offering them a wide selection of used, refurbished and cut-price IT equipment at the best possible prices.

Our PlusdePC Mobiles brand offers a wide range of refurbished mobile phones.


Contribute to the sustainable and solidarity economy and optimize your IT assets

To meet the new challenges of sustainable development and CSR, we have created Solidar’IT, a programme which reflects our vision of the sustainable and solidarity economy.

This programme comprises a range of activities to support non-profit organizations or local projects. Acting on your behalf, we are able to provide various organizations with financial support, donations, equipment or other forms of solidarity. All of this is possible without any impact on your company’s financial resources.


To ensure the best level of service at the various stages of your IT equipment/mobile phone audit, Nodixia has acquired the following high-quality accreditations:


Data erasure solution

We have chosen to work with BLANCCO data erasure software, a reliable, high-performance solution for “an absolute line of defense against costly security breaches, as well as verification of regulatory compliance with regard to data confidentiality.”


Operating system solution

When you buy used or refurbished IT equipment, you may find yourself with an operating system that has been hacked or tampered with, or a system that you may never have used before, or even no system at all.

When our machines are refurbished, they are preinstalled with authentic Microsoft software licenses.


State-accredited eco-friendly waste recycling companyt

Ecologic is a state-accredited eco-friendly waste recycling company which organizes the collection, depollution and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in France. Founded in 2006, Ecologic is a public interest company which contributes to the development of a circular economy based upon waste prevention and recycling activities, in conjunction with other active organizations.


Protection of the environment

Nodixia is committed to complying with regulations regarding ICPE sites like factories, workshops, warehouses and building sites which could endanger or cause a nuisance to the local community, to public health, safety or hygiene, to agriculture, nature preservation, landscapes or the environment, or to rational energy use.



As a result of our activities, we are bound by several statutory obligations:

  • Activity Declaration (Récépissé de déclaration) for trade and brokerage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste n°341 301 01
  • Activity Declaration (Récépissé de déclaration) for the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste n°341 301 01 01
  • Accreditation as an Entreprise Adaptée (Disability-Friendly Company), issued by the French State, represented by the Hérault Préfecture and the DIRECCTE n°
  • I.C.P.E. Declaration n°13-187



For each of these obligations, Nodixia can provide you with an appropriate solution.
Our job consists in helping you fulfill your obligations with regards to :

  • Your WEEE and the applicable regulations,
  • the French Disability Employment Act (Loi Handicap) of July 10, 1987, regarding the employment of disabled people,
  • the French Grenelle II Law (Loi Grenelle 2) which extends the responsibility of companies regarding the products they utilize,

For each of these obligations, Nodixia can provide you with an appropriate solution.