Nodixia is a Disability-Friendly Company (Entreprise Adaptée): over 80% of jobs in our production department are occupied by employees with disabilities.

This special status means that all amounts invoiced for asset recovery services (audit, refurbishing, data erasure, etc.) qualify for partial exemption from the AGEFIPH and FIPHFP contribution payable by French companies and public authorities.

This contribution is calculated based upon the difference between the percentage of your employees with disabilities and the 6% minimum legal employment rate of disabled workers.

The amount deductible from the contribution is calculated according to the amount invoiced for our services, converted into UB (unités bénéficiaires or disabled-equivalent units), which represent the equivalent value of sub-contracting these services to disabled workers. This enables companies using our services to qualify, on average, for a 30% tax credit on the amount invoiced, while increasing their efforts to support the employment of disabled people.



Today, CSR is fast becoming a major issue in terms of sustainable development, as well as social and business ethics.
Our activities, which seek to recycle and especially to reuse IT equipment and mobile phones, generate very positive outcomes within a sustainable development policy.
To manufacture a new workstation, it takes several hundred litres of water, several hundred kilos of carbon and several kilos of other toxic materials. When our clients use Nodixia’s complete refurbishing process for their IT assets, our combined efforts reduce the quantity of new computers which are manufactured, and enable natural resources to be preserved.
When our clients work with Nodixia, they generate a positive environmental impact which can be directly reflected in their own CSR strategy.



To extend the scope of our two core activities, we have created an innovative service which enables our clients to develop additional aspects of CSR through IT asset auditing, while maintaining income from these assets.

Our various teams work together to carry out these activities, to enable your company to produce a more substantial CSR report.