Your IT assets can be a source of solidarity, if you harvest their potential.


”Contribute to the sustainable and solidarity economy and optimize your IT assets

Our actions: generating financial resources and providing equipment to fuel the sustainable social economy using CSR activities: co-funding charitable projects, initiating and funding local community projects, donating equipment responsibly, working with a Disability-Friendly partner (Entreprise Adaptée), contributing to a reduction in environmental impacts, etc.

Our obligations: using “green” leveraging to generate this additional value. The company receives its net income in full and its CSR activities are both high-value and optimized.

Our flexibility: enabling you to adjust the list of recipients and define your level of participation in each project. We provide you with solutions to ensure a perfect fit between your CSR development strategy and our actions.

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We created Solidar’IT to assist you in reaching your goals, and to add value to your activities.

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Does your company have difficulties meeting the necessary requirements for employing people with disabilities?


Solidar’IT offers you a solution: Nodixia, our Disability-Friendly partner (Entreprise Adaptée). By working with this company, you will contribute to employing people with disabilities in an environment which has been specially adapted to their needs, and you will in turn receive “disability-equivalent units” (Unités Bénéficiaires). These UBs will enable you to reduce your AGEFIPH – FIPHFP contribution.

In 2016, Solidar’IT’s activities resulted in over 6000 hours of work for registered disabled people.


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Reducing the digital divide is a goal for many IT companies, but sometimes their actions miss the mark. For example, donating IT equipment directly to charities which do not have the necessary expertise to handle it. Sometimes, the recipient of the donation can find themselves with inappropriate, obsolete or even illegal equipment, due to potentially non-compliant software.
With Solidar’IT, we can manage your company’s responsible donations project. We study how you would like to reuse and donate your equipment. Then, with our partners, we take care of distributing appropriate, compatible products to the selected recipients, including all the necessary services: delivery, deployment, training and warranty.
Since this programme was created, over 500 computers have already been donated to numerous recipients.

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Over a million charities and associations form the social and cultural landscape in France. Perhaps your company is already working with some of them? Are some of your employees members of charities or associations that you would like to support?
With Solidar’IT, you can boost your local community by providing funding or equipment in an effective, proactive manner.
With Solidar’IT, over €35,000 has already been invested in the best local projects.
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With Solidar’IT, over €35,000 has already been invested in the best local projects.



Solidarity is central to the Solidar’IT programme. Hundreds of projects and activities exist to support worthy causes all over the world, and they are important to you. Your company can contribute to these projects with the Solidar’IT programme, simply by providing your used IT equipment. We will take care of generating financial returns which we will then donate on your behalf: to fight global hunger, to provide universal healthcare, to protect children or to support victims of natural disasters. We will support the cause that you choose.
To date, thanks to your support, over 14 projects have been carried out in more than 8 countries, representing an investment of over €37,000.
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CAPGEMINI and NODIXIA provide equipment for the Sainte Chrétienne children’s home.

Thanks to a donation of 50 computers, the children at the Sainte Chrétienne children’s home in Epernay now have access to internet and to the software they need for their daily lives.
Read on to discover how our favourite project took shape.

Solidar’IT BOX


“In France, over 100 million used mobile phones lie unused in drawers.”

The Solidar’IT Box has two objectives. Firstly, to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) through local collections: extracting precious metals from collected devices is much more environmentally-friendly than metal mining. Secondly, to provide work in WEEE disassembly for people with severe disabilities, through ESATs (Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail – sheltered employment centres for disabled workers). For this purpose, we supply the Solidar’IT Boxes. We also help you to set up a programme with partner companies and a local ESAT.

The Solidar’IT Box has already provided funding for over 800 hours’ work in ESATs.

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We compile a report detailing your contribution to the programme and the activities that have been carried out. This report includes the carbon footprint, social and environmental impacts, charitable actions, support provided for disabled people and the more technical aspects of the whole operation. This gives you an overall view of the commitments made to each of the partners we have worked with. You can use this report, partially or in full, to enrich the content of your annual CSR report.
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You will receive a full report detailing your activities to support the sustainable and solidarity economy.